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Thank You for visiting Our website. We’re a team of dedicated community members. We Invite YOU to Join 3D CAC in this civic opportunity to be part of a pivotal meeting of the minds, aimed at enhancing understanding on Public Safety and staying connected with the diverse landscape of Our Vibrant Community. 

We invite you to explore Our array of Public Safety Education Programs for Washington, DC Residents and Businesses listed in the Programs and Services section.

Meetup for Fantastic Community Projects and Supportive Friend Zones with the 3D CAC Civic League and 3D CAC PSSP Support Group for Adults ages 19 and Up! 

Get involved in your community by staying safe and updated with the  3D CAC Public Safety Meetings

3D CAC Public Safety Leaders Meetings are in-depth discussions with MPD, Public Safety Interested Community Members, Council Members, DC Agency Heads and Business Industry experts who provide insights and guide a collaborative, results-oriented dialogue focusing on creating real, actionable solutions for Our Community.

Actively participate in the Washington, DC Neighborhood Watch Program with Our Trained  Public Safety Block Captains and Public Safety Ambassadors who work hard to help you navigate our communities.

Join us in Making A Positive Impact of Interfaith Inclusion, Worship and Public Safety Fellowship in Washington, DC. with the 3D CAC Pastoral Clergy Coalition.

Enjoy Great Ways to Keep Youth Ages 8-19 civically engaged by joining the 3D CAC Cadets.

Get Compassionate Business Support with the  3D CAC Enterprise Management Support Services


is a Washington, DC nonprofit agency of Law Enforcement practitioners focusing on providing Public Safety Education, Social Justice Advocacy, Social Betterment Programs, and the Promotion of Community Engagement. We have been establishing Agency Partnerships and Executive Level Leadership since 1981.

3D CAC is for Safety, Social Service, Social Betterment, Community Growth, Community Connections, and Community Responsibility.



3D CAC Supports The Best of Public Safety for Our Neighborhoods and Communities. WE’RE The Village That’s Helping to Make Our Community More Caring, Safer And Stronger! We Work Together!

Our Mission is: to enhance Public Safety and foster collaboration between the Metropolitan Police Department and the Third District Citizens of Washington, DC. Our nonprofit corporation is dedicated to providing comprehensive education, resources, and program support initiatives. We strive to Empower Public Safety leaders and the community members with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to Prevent Crime, Build Trust, Understand Justice Processes and Create a Safer and More Resilient Neighborhood.














As Requested by the 3D CAC Membership We’re doubling down on how we evaluate the 3rd District MPD Community Policing efforts which increases accountability of MPD Management, DC Agencies and Elected Officials.

We are working to connect you with all government data and the latest MPD updates.

Contact Us via Email: 3DCACDC@Gmail.com

Phone: 202-854-1620
Instagram:  @3DCAC
Twitter:    3DCACDC

The 3rd District CAC Public Safety Areas:

PSA 301: Ward 1/ANC 1D, 1A, 1C

PSA 301,302 & 302: Ward 1/ANC 1C

PSA 304, 305 & 306: Ward 1/ANC 1B, 1E

PSA  307: Ward 2/ANC 2B, 2C, 2F, 2G

PSA 308: Ward 5/ANC 5E, 5F & Ward 6/ANC 6E

Join our email list serve by sending SUBSCRIBE to 3DCACDC@gmail.com.

Through our proactive engagement and partnership-building efforts, 3D CAC has made significant strides in promoting public safety and strengthening community-police relations in the Third District of Washington, DC.

By facilitating educational programs, workshops, and collaborative initiatives, we have empowered citizens to take an active role in crime prevention and neighborhood safety. Our impactful interventions have led to increased awareness, improved communication, and enhanced trust between residents and law enforcement.

Our goal is to improve the social betterment of Our Neighborhoods resulting in a safer and more cohesive community for us all.