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Meet Our Chairwoman

Karen Gaal, Chairwoman 

Chairwoman Gaal was recently re-elected to continue to serve as the Washington, DC Community Leader of the CAC for the 3rd District Metropolitan Police Department.

Karen Gaal personifies hard work, ingenuity, empathy and grace. Karen is a fully dedicated, enthusiastic and equipped Representative of the Third District Community. Karen is a proven leader in the Washington DC, ANC 1B community where she continues to work hard for ANC 1B04 and ANC 1B05. Karen has an impeccable record and work ethic.

Karen has worked to improve the quality of life for District of Columbia residents for over 30 years through her civic service and women’s empowerment programs. Karen Gaal’s compassionate purpose is to provide her public service and expertise through her actively enriching community service and volunteer participation.

Karen Gaal personifies hard work, ingenuity, empathy and grace. Karen is a fully dedicated, enthusiastic and equipped
Representative of the Third District Community. Karen is a proven leader in the Washington DC, ANC 1B community where she continues to work hard for ANC 1B04 and ANC 1B05. Karen has an impeccable record and work ethic.

Karen Gaal’s service involves community and local problem-solving; through consistent involvement and support of civic organizations, government, educational institutions and private programs throughout the District of Columbia

Karen Gaal has remained on target with service goals to maintain a healthy inclusive belonging environment for the community with a comprehensive vision that helps to improve the quality of life and social betterment in the Third District. Karen’s core plans are in Community growth with an educationally strategic plan for community building, public safety and service in Washington, D.C.

Karen Gaal is a Social Change “Public Safety Entrepreneur,” As a Program Director for over 27 years she has founded and led multiple programs, projects and organizations. As an Educator She is the author of several articles on organizational governance, public safety management and human resource development. She is a frequent speaker and producer of creative, thought-provoking workshops and retreats focused on public safety, emergency preparedness, crisis management, financial literacy, trauma care, sisterhood, spiritual fulfillment, social betterment, and academic life skills, as well as leadership development for high school students and adults.

Karen Gaal is a highly respected law enforcement practitioner with a specialized focus on public safety program management, public safety training and community emergency preparedness. Karen is also a dedicated community volunteer who tirelessly works to ensure that the residents of Washington, D.C. benefit from the best public safety practices, education, and policies. With an unwavering commitment to community engagement, Karen collaborates closely with D.C. agencies and elected officials to foster a safer and more connected community. With over two decades of dedicated service in public safety, community policing, law enforcement engagement, and community building, Karen has established herself as a leading expert in developing and implementing training programs that enhance public safety and community resilience.

Public Safety Leadership Roles:

Karen serves as the Chairwoman of the Third District Citizens Advisory Council (3D CAC), where she plays a pivotal role in shaping public safety initiatives and policies. Her leadership extends to her role as the Civic Association Councilwoman for ANC 1B04, and as a Ward 1 Council Member and Team Leader for the D.C. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). She is also a National CERT Trainer and National CERT Program Manager through the F.E.M.A. – Federal Emergency Management Agency and Neighborhood Watch Commissioner. These positions underscore her dedication to public safety and community resilience.

Community Emergency Preparedness:

In addition to her role within 3D CAC, Karen is actively involved in community emergency preparedness initiatives. She collaborates with local government agencies, non-profits, and community groups to organize emergency preparedness workshops and drills. These programs aim to educate residents on how to prepare for and respond to emergencies, from natural disasters to public health crises under the FEMA guidelines.

Committee Involvement:

In addition to her leadership roles, Karen is an active member of the Washington, DC ANC 1B Commission’s Economic Development, Zoning and Planning, Public Safety & Engagement, and Transportation, Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Regulations Committees. Through her participation, she advocates for policies and projects that enhance the quality of life for all area residents, focusing on sustainable development, effective zoning practices, comprehensive public safety and community engagement strategies, efficient transportation solutions and effective solutions for alcoholic beverage and cannabis serving businesses.

Community Engagement:

Karen is a lifelong resident, business owner and community leader of Washington, DC she was elected to serve as Chairwoman of the Third District Citizens Advisory Council by the Third District Community to continue the ongoing partnership with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C.

Her roles have included 3D CAC Vice-Chair, Neighborhood Watch Commissioner, public safety patrol officer, public safety training officer, and MPD community policing liaison and National Night Out Event Coordinator. Each position allowing her to refine her skills in various aspects of law enforcement and community engagement.

Karen’s work with the Metropolitan Police Department, particularly through the Chief of Police Citizen’s Advisory Council and the Third District CAC, exemplifies her proactive approach to community policing and public safety education. She is dedicated to fostering open communication between the police force and the community, ensuring that public safety practices are transparent and effective.

Karen is deeply committed to fostering strong relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. She regularly volunteers her time to participate in community events, safety fairs, and public forums, where she educates residents on public safety issues and listens to their concerns. Her approachable demeanor and genuine concern for the community have earned her the trust and respect of residents and colleagues alike. Karen began her civic duty as a Brownie Girl Scout and 4H Club Member which led to her becoming a Gold Awardee, Troop Leader, Adult Educator, Master Trainer, Service Unit Manager and a Lifetime Girl Scout.

Karen was elected due to her dedication, expertise, and commitment to public service. She is a leader who demonstrates the high standards of integrity, trust, openness, humility, and respect. Karen is adaptable, creative, and motivates others. She believes in collaborating with others to exchange ideas and share effective strategies to empower our community for success.

Public Safety Training:

Karen currently serves as the Public Safety Training Coordinator for 3D CAC, where she is responsible for designing and delivering comprehensive training programs for public safety ambassadors, block captains and civic league members. Her training modules cover a wide range of topics, including emergency response, crime prevention, crisis management, and disaster preparedness. Her approach to training is hands-on and practical, ensuring that participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to various public safety challenges.

Public Safety Key Achievements:

– Developed and Implemented Training Programs: Karen has created innovative training programs that have been adopted by the 3D CAC Public Safety Leaders and community wide. Her programs emphasize the importance of public safety management, community-oriented policing and proactive crime prevention.

– Enhanced Community Resilience: Through her work in emergency preparedness, Karen has significantly improved the readiness of communities to handle emergencies. Her efforts have led to increased awareness and preparedness among residents, contributing to safer and more resilient neighborhoods.

– Recognized Expertise: Karen is frequently invited to speak at conferences and workshops on public safety and emergency preparedness. She has received numerous awards and commendations for her contributions to public safety training and community engagement.

Professional Memberships:

Karen’s professional public safety affiliations reflect her deep commitment to public safety, emergency response, and women’s empowerment. She holds memberships in:

– National Community Emergency Response Team – Federal Emergency Management Agency

– National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE)

– Neighborhood Watch

– Power In Sisters – Sister Power

– WIN With Black Women

– Girl Scouts of America

– Metropolitan Police Department Chief of Police Citizen’s Advisory Council

– Third District Metropolitan Police Department Citizens Advisory Council

These memberships enable her to stay informed about the latest developments in public safety and community engagement and to dedicate her time to enhancing her knowledge and expertise in emergency response preparedness while also providing her with platforms to advocate for the needs of her community.

Awards and Recognition:

While Karen prefers to focus on the impact of her work rather than accolades, her dedication has not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous commendations from community organizations and public safety agencies, highlighting her significant contributions to the Washington, D.C. community.

Personal Philosophy:

Karen believes in the power of community and the importance of civic engagement. She advocates for inclusive and participatory approaches to public safety and community development, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued.  Karen also believes that effective public safety and emergency preparedness require a collaborative approach. She advocates for strong partnerships between law enforcement, community members, and local organizations. Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that when communities are informed, prepared, and engaged, they can overcome any challenge and thrive in the face of adversity. Her work is driven by a deep sense of duty and a passion for making Washington, D.C. a safer, more vibrant place to live.

Through her extensive volunteer work and leadership, Karen Gaal exemplifies the spirit of community service and dedication to public safety. Through her unwavering dedication to public safety training and community emergency preparedness, she continues to make a lasting impact on the well-being of the communities she serves. Her expertise, leadership, and commitment to excellence are a testament to her enduring contribution to the field of public safety. Her efforts continue to make a profound impact on the lives of Washington, D.C. residents, fostering a safer, more engaged, and resilient community.

Karen is a Lifelong Ward 1 Washingtonian and deeply involved in Public Service.

Karen feels a deep Responsibility to all of the residents, businesses and visitors of the Third District Community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Karen knows that we’re tasked to do Our Civic Duty by Loving and Protecting Our Community. Karen says “your personal safety IS Public Safety Too” while stressing empathy for others!

Karen is highly valued by the Third District and ANC 1B04 and ANC 1B05 Community. Karen was recently elected
Chairwoman of the ANC 1B04 Civic Association, and CERT Team 1 Leader and, ANC 1B04’s Outstanding Public Engagement Leader!

She’s the Principal Owner of an Asset Management, Urban Advisory and Development Administration firm, and a Program Director for over 30 years and an Active Community Organizer and Community Educator. 

Karen’s Public Service is an investment that solves problems, expands opportunity, strengthens Our Community, and connects all of Our neighbors. This is the Goodness that’s needed for Our community. This Good Work is What Karen Is Does!

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