Thank You for Your Interest in Joining the 3D CAC PSSP MeetUp Group

3D CAC PSSP MeetUp Group

 We Are A Crisis Response and Compassionate Empowerment Support Group

3D CAC- PSSP is a Compassionate Empowerment Group!

Our Interactive Program is for Adult Members age 19 and up.

3D CAC – PSSP’s weekly group MeetUps helps shapes the Mind, Body and Soul. We share Unselfish Self Care, Meaningful Activities, Life Skills, and Unique Beautiful Relationships all for sustained social betterment,

We Add Value To The Lives of the PSSP Group Members. 

3D CAC – PSSP Safety Zone Trainings help increase skill building and response techniques for during times of crisis. These 3D CAC training workshops also addresses emergency preparedness for disasters and community wide emergencies, trauma response during crisis, and crime victim support.

Here at 3D CAC we are committed to providing emotional and practical support to community members in need. Whether it’s a natural disaster, personal tragedy, crime victim support or community-wide emergency. We are here to offer assistance and resources to help individuals and families navigate difficult times.

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